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The Payroll Register shows payroll and tax information for each employee on a monthly and year to date basis, broken down by departments.

We’ll process the clients’ payroll through our exclusive computerized service. Payroll can be handled monthly or to suit the company’s schedule. The employees’ checks will reflect deductions for that period and year-to-date. Employees will always know exactly how much has been withheld.

Payroll is just one of the additional services available to our monthly clients. We also work in concert with any outside payroll service they may currently be using. JMK aids any company in:

  • Maintaining Payroll Data: Employees information, salary information & tax table, based on the input received (basic salaries, number of hours worked, any over time/ deduction…).
  • Running payroll periodically.
  • Preparing monthly pay slips for each employee.
  • Preparing monthly sheets including the basic salaries, transportation, any additions or deductions, any other allowance, and the net to be paid for each employee (in excel or PDF).
  • Sending, on a monthly basis, the entry of the payroll to the accounting department according to the Lebanese chart of accounts and regulations.
  • Calculating employees’ payroll taxes to be withheld on a monthly basis.
  • Preparing Periodical tax return R10 presented on a quarterly basis.
  • Preparing end of year declaration R5 which represents the yearly declaration of total salaries.
  • Preparing employees’ earnings R6 which complements the end of year declaration R5.
  • Preparing R8 when an employee receiving income from other employers or sources requests JMK to declare R8 on behalf of the employee with the prior written consent of the company.
  • Preparing monthly/quarterly NSSF declaration and the yearly NSSF reconciliation.

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