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Providing financial information to our clients in a timely and accurate manner is a commitment that we feel cannot be compromised. This gives our clients the peace of mind of being in full and easy control at all times, and they can solely concentrate on their business plan. Our firm provides a full range of effective accounting services including the following:

  • Records needed Journal entries.
  • Records all entries related to Lebanese taxes (NSSF, VAT, Income Tax and other).
  • Makes adjustments for accrued expenses & liabilities, and earned income.
  • Makes provisions for depreciation, bad debts, amortization and other related items.
  • Raises any noticed deviation from the company’s policies and procedures to the management.
  • Prepares regular bank, clients and suppliers reconciliations.
  • Prepares interim and annual financial statements (P&L, balance sheets, cash flows etc…)
  • Provides advice on accounting issues

Because it communicates financial information, accounting is often called "the language of business”.
Accounting is the backbone of the business world. It is with the aid of accounting information that the performance of a unit can be evaluated, at the same time, its logical records make possible to get rid of the frauds and the thefts.
For clients who wish to avail from our accounting services, two solutions are offered:

  1. Outsourcing and bookkeeping accounting: We provide full accounting services at our offices, using the latest and most secure technology and standards. By providing a continuous input of data, our clients ensure accurate and fool proof results offered in accordance with international standards and tailored to their needs.

  2. In-house accounting: JMK expert accountants report to the clients’ offices to perform all the required processes on a part time basis as best suits the clients’ requirements.


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