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Formation and Legal Services


JMK takes full responsibility of registering a company in the commercial register, M.O.F, NSSF and in different ministries depending on the nature of the company.

  1. To register in the Commercial Register, JMK, in association with a group of reputable Lawyers, will help you obtain:
    • Commercial announcement
    • Commercial register
    • Article of association
    • Sealing the official books

  1. Regarding the registration in the M.O.F, JMK will:
    • Prepare, present and follow up on work resumption
    • Obtain a permission to practice the profession/ business from the Ministry of Finance.
    • JMK will file R3, R3-1 and R4 forms and submit them to the M.O.F in order to register employees.

  1. To register in NSSF, JMK will help your company:
    • Prepare, present and follow up of registration.
    • Obtain a registration.

  1. In order to register in different ministries, JMK will take responsibility of:
    • Registering the company in the Ministry of Economy
    • Registering in the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
    • Others

Furthermore, the firm provides its clients with legal services such as lawyers to aid them in case of disputes and other legal arbitrations.


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