New Currency Rate for Salaries / Tax on Salaries

New decision number 2/1 dated 9/01/2023 issued from minister of finance includes the followings:

  1. Cancelation of decision number 686/1 dated 23/1/2022 that mentioned the currency rate for salaries and tax on salaries on Sayrfa rate.
  2. Calculate salaries that are paid in cash USD as below :
    1. 8,000 LBP / USD for all periods before 15/11/2022
    2. 15,000 LBP / USD starting 15/11/2022.
  3. Calculate salaries that are paid by check or internal bank transfer as below:
    1. 8,000 LBP / USD up to 3,000 USD
    2. 1507.5 LBP/USD for any transfer or check for the amount that is above 3,000

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