Changes in School Allowance for School Year 2023-2024

As per new Decree No. 13225 published in Public Gazette dated 18/04/2024, new school allowance will be as followed:

  • Four million per child for public and no charged schools - with a ceiling of Twelve million per employee.
  • Twelve million per child for private universities and schools - with a ceiling of Thirty Six million per employee.

  1. Child more than 3 years ( at January 31st ) and less 25 years old.
  2. Official Private or public school or university.
  3. Wife can benefit only if she is benefiting from family allowance or her husband doesn’t benefit from any school allowance.
  4. Employee must be registered in company for more than one year.
  5. Allowance will not be part of salary, so it will not be taxable and will not be part of EOS calculation.

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