Definition of Actual Value in Lebanese Lira for Salaries Paid in Foreign Currency or in U.S.D

A new decision number 687-1 dated 23-11-2022 was issued from ministry of finance and BDL governor referring to Budget 2022 and requested the followings:

  1. The actual value in LBP, for salaries and wages, will be determined as of 15-11-2022, as follows:
    1. Sayrafa platform rate for salaries paid in cash.
    2. As per BDL decision number 151 dated 21/4/2021 for salaries paid by bank transfer (not fresh) or by check. (Current rate is 8,000 LBP / $)
  2. If salaries were paid in other foreign currency, it must be transferred to USD currency on average equivalent rate then to be transferred at Sayrafa platform rate.

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